There has not been one Yearbook in the recent years where Morgan Maassen did not share his magic with us. His ability to capture the excitement and glimpse we only discover in the ocean, in every single frame, inspires us.
Here is a project he shot a couple moons ago in Hawaii.

A guest feature by Morgan Maassen


To make this short film with Honolua Blomfield was a dream. She is such a remarkably talented and stylish surfer; her balance and control is enthralling to watch in the water. Spending time with her family and learning of their heritage, was such an honor. The amount of history she carries on her shoulders, while carving her own path as a world champion, is truly breathtaking... but my greatest takeaway, is the pleasure i had swimming around with my camera, enjoying my front-row seat to her graceful surfing.

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Morganmaassen Honoluablomfield 5

At the age of twenty one, Honolua Blomfield’s two world titles are an absolutely incredible feat. What I find even more remarkable, however, is her casual demeanor. She exudes an honest simplicity in her approach to surfing, which serves as a refreshing breakaway that competing for a world title both fosters in and demands of people. A surf session with Honolua is spent smiling and laughing, trading gossip and watching her share waves generously with everyone. Coupled with background Hawaiian surfing history spanning generations, her kindness and graceful presence makes her a true ambassador of Aloha.


Morgan Maassen