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Paul McCartney has teamed up with new climate change organisation, Surfers For Climate to safe our oceans.McCartney’s love of the ocean led him to collaborate with award-winning surfing filmmaker, Jack McCoy for the second time following the release of the video for Blue Sway, which won ‘Best Music Video awards’ at major film festivals around the world.

“I’m thrilled to support Surfers For Climate. Their work is something that really appeals to me as we all have a responsibility to do our bit and this is a great way to bring people together with a shared passion for the seas and oceans from all around the world for positive climate action,” says McCartney.



The video features former champion surfer and Surfers For Climate co-founder, Belinda Baggs. McCoy says the video takes viewers on a journey and appeals for them to open up their hearts to the ocean.
You can view the premiere HERE for a $5 donation that will go towards supporting two of their partner organisations, Surfrider Foundation Australia and Seed Mob, Australia’s first indigenous youth-led climate network.

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Surfers for Climate aims to:


  • Provide tools and ideas for surfers to reduce their own emissions and restore local ecosystems.
  • Create an alliance hub to discuss coastal threats and generate solutions.
  • Stand against new coal, oil and gas developments as well as single use plastic.


Climate change threatens the reefs, beaches, coastlines and marine environments surfers cherish. Warming oceans, sea level rise, storm surges, coastal erosion and ocean acidification are just some of the threats climate change poses to the surfing way of life.

“For surfers, the ocean is life. Climate change, fuelled by the burning of fossil fuels like coal and gas, threatens everyone’s way of life. For the surfing community, this is a red alert. Everything we love is under threat,” says Belinda Baggs, co-founder of Surfers for Climate. “Our demand is simple, we want to pass on a healthy ocean to our kids.”




Surfers For Climate

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