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A guest feature by Matt George


After all the pressures and abuse that WSL Judges put up with, it seems good karma was on the side of Australian Surfer and WSL Judge Nathan White. Having entered the Project Nasi luxury Bali surf package giveaway by donating to the cause, he was informed of his win just as he was stepping out of a Coolangatta surf shop with his little daughter. “I don’t know who is more stoked, me or my little girl, she’s a keen surfer and frothing to get over there when things open up”. The Project Nasi “surf package” included VIP treatment in the Luxe Villas overlooking Padang Padang (worth $5,500), The Ulu Cliffhouse Villas overlooking Uluwatu (worth $2500) and the fabulous five-star Oberoi resort near the breaks of Canggu (worth $2700). Along with a full surf kit from Quiksilver worth over $500 and vouchers for the best restaurants and services on the island, Nathan White is one happy surfer indeed.

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White charging Lomboks famous right in 2016. Photo: Pete Frieden May

“Mate, it just felt so good to donate, after all the waves I have surfed in Indonesia. I wasn’t expecting a thing” he laughed, “And then when this happened, I thought maybe it could make up for all those grumpy surfers that have not liked my calls over the years, even though I stand by every one of them!”. A hot surfer, Nathan is known for his courage and style at places like Desert Point on Lombok. “This is just going to a be a dream trip for me and my family” Nathan says, “A lot different from my early days as a budget traveler, that’s for certain!”.  

Project Nasi, the surfer’s effort that is feeding the needy of Bali who have been devastated by the lockdown here in Bali, promises to continue their work long after the pandemic is over and the gates to Bali open. Wollongong ripper Sam Mahoney and Maroubra charger James Foley are the founders of Project Nasi. “Because we are both restaurant owners here, we thought food would be the best way to help”, Says Mahony, “So we have set up a distribution system that gives away bags of groceries to the local people that need it the most”. Already James Foley is looking to the future.

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Behind the scenes of Project Nasi. Foto: Josh Symon

“We are here for the long haul,” Foley says, “Even when things get back to the new normal, we will be helping those in need here and we will be prepared for any disaster that may happen to this island in the future. It’s just such a perfect, effective way to say thanks for all the waves over the years”. Foley and Mahoney have assured their donors that more fund-raising prize packages are in the near future. Your own dream trip could be just around the corner.   
You can stay in touch and donate here.  

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Matt George