I'm Ari Browne, I'm 27 years old, I live in Byron Bay and I'm a wizard. 

Ari Browne has just gotten even weirder. Cheers to that Ari, we love to see your magic! 

SURFER Magazine followed him on a day in his life of being a wizard: 


Here’s a little story: This writer once saw the rubbery, towheaded Aussie compete in the McTavish Trim event at the Byron Bay surf festival. (A few dozen alt-leaning loggers riding above-10-foot gliders, longest wave wins, etc.) Browne, who also goes by Krooky, showed up late for his heat wearing a black ski mask, paddled… er… pumped his way into the lineup at Wategos on a foil board, flipped around and rode a wave into the next bay over, never to be seen again.

Are there advantages to being a surfing wizard? 
You have a slight advantage because in the car park people are already freaked out by you and then in the lineup there's more standoffish because I'm in a dress.

Do you agree with Hollywood depictions of wizards?
Hollywood depictions of wizards are alright but it creates really high expectations for me as a wizard. People think that what they see in the movies is what I am. And they are always asking you to do all this sh*t and I am like - I got my own wizard stuff going on!

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Ari Browne Bluemag Feature
Ari doing his magic. Photo: Jack Coleman

Ari Browne got featured in a portrait by Jed Smith in our printed Yearbook from 2018. The article is available online, but print is best! Get yours here



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