Für das Filmprojekt CEREMONY hat sich Surffilm-Mastermind Kai Neville mit seinem Lieblingssurfer Craig Anderson und dem Musiker Brendon Woithe zusammengetan. Und wenn jemand wie Kai Neville Regie führt, darf man alles andere als einen gewöhnlichen Surfclip erwarten.

 “A really unique part of the project was collaborating with Brendan Woithe on the soundtrack. I shared some rough rushes and he immediately gave me a buzz to chat through what I was up to with Craig. I then slowly arranged and rearranged the film in order of how I wanted to string the surfing and 16mm together. This was shared with Brendan who wrote the score and brought on some very talented friends (Cameron & Richard) to play. I’ve never done this before. Usually I’ll source what I feel is the perfect soundtrack. I’m amazed how sound can take the visual language to a completely different level. It went beyond where I thought the film could go.” Kai Neville

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Das Ergebnis ist ein audio-visuelles Highlight. Sound on - Film ab!


Credits: Film: Kai Neville, Musik: Brendon Woithe