Das Yearbook 2019 ist fertig und auf dem Weg zu euch! Viele talentierte Fotografen haben mitgewirkt und ein schöner Nebeneffekt der Redaktionsarbeit sind die Verbindungen, die nach der Zusammenarbeit bleiben. So hat uns UK-Photog Lewis Arnold neben seiner Auswahl für das Nord-Report Feature (von Tom Frey) auch sein neustes Video-Projekt geschickt. Solstice ist ein sehr liebevoll produzierter Kurzfilm über die Pilgerfahrt in den Norden Schottlands. Lewis hat Bretter aus Holz für diesen Trip shapen lassen, Kunst für das Filmposter in Auftrag gegeben, alles in Eigenregie gestemmt und schickt zum Schluss dann folgende E-Mail:

Hi Jan

Stoked u can show my film here's some words, hope okay, I'll send a few pics via wetransfer if needed?



"For me, as a North Sea surfer, northern Scotland has always been special as it gets way more swell, has more quality waves than home and its' quite close.

I've been going up there since the late 80's and know it pretty well now but in recent years somehow it's been more for quick trips on the forecast of an epic swell, scoring amazing waves, nailing clip and shots. That's fair enough I guess, but also I started to feel a little guilty almost, kind of entitled? Just going up for one epic winter day then coming home with a full card of "keeper" shots and cuts and maybe not appreciating the pace as much as I should.

Sometime in the 90's, I'd gone up to surf the Summer Solstice as a kind of hippy, surfer thing. It's so far North that it doesn't really get dark so you could surf all night if you want. That weird, ethereal light in the small hours is pretty magical and so interesting photographically. On that trip (before the internet) it was flat and a fail but the idea to do it again started to appeal after just always going in the winter on big swells for years.

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So I put this trip together as an experiment about slower, more mellow and sustainable ways to do surf travel. We got some beautiful wooden boards from James Otter in Cornwall, a twin fin and a Mal, we had a wooden performance shortboard from Tonn in Ireland and a cork assymetrical from Northcore, all very different from the crew's usual rides.

Easkey Britton and Sandy Kerr were keen and we went up for the Solstice, camping, using an electric vehicle and were so lucky to score what was like a small winter swell. Chris Noble, who is I think 5x Scottish champ and one of the very best at Thurso East and Brims met us and we all steeped outside our comfort zones to see what surfing these more sustainable boards was like and just take whatever waves we came our way."

Art Solstice 1b

Solstice Still 1

Solstice Still 4

Solstice Still 5

Solstice Still 12

Super Clip, super Fotos, super Typ!

Folgt Lewis auf Instagram (@lasurfpics) für unglaubliche Nordsee-Shots oder holt sie euch im neuen Yearbook gedruckt ins Haus.