Eine Nordsee-Session im Schneegestöber wie ein Gedicht von Boris Pasternak:

I am finished, but you live on.
And the wind, crying and moaning,
rocks the house and the clearing,
not each pine alone,
but all the trees together,
with the vast distance, whole,
like the hulls of vessels,
moored in a bay, storm-blown.
And it shakes them not from mischief,
and not with an aimless tone,
but to find, for you, from its grief,
the words of a cradle-song.

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The Wind.


Spot X.
Surfer: Sevo, Tom Boelsma, Roy van Eijk, Tom Boelsma, Pascal van der Mast.

Unterstützt von: Hartbeach & den Caipiboys