Jordy Smith verzaubert uns mit seinem Style im Wasser. Genau wie Morgan Maassen hinter der Kamera. Ob Surfen oder Momentaufnahmen, beide sind Künstler für sich - und euch. Morgan hat den Südafrikaner während seines Kampfes um den Weltmeistertitel 2019 begleitet und davon sechs Minuten voller Surf-Glimpse mit uns geteilt.

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"I think for me being home and surfing in South Africa is one of the best moments I had in a long time. I think just having that relationship with places like J-Bay, it’s no matter what time of the year I show up there, it can be Harley onshore, but I’ve got this connection with this place. Ever since the first time I’ve Surfer there, it’s been one of the greatest loves of my life. When I was a kid, I used to think that the J stands for Jordy. I always used to say it’s Jordy's Bay." 

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"I guessed when I was younger, I just wanted to win, pretty much. It never really was about against who or what it was more about just win-win-win. I’ve never been much of a dreamer; I’ve always just set goals. I felt like dreams felt to me like they were not possible, and I thought goals just felt way more realistic and way more real and achievable."

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For me, when surfing becomes seamless, that’s when it becomes perfect. Just how you can fit in perfectly with that wave. I’m not sure at this point where the Sport of surfing is heading. It looks to be acrobatic. Do I force my gute going that way? I’m not too sure at this point. I just want to be as open and honest with the way I am surfing

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Morgan Maassen